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Lux Catering is your premier destination for culinary excellence, specializing in after-school programs, the Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), the Summer Food Services Program (SFSP), the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program, weddings, and special functions. We prioritize quality, using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. Our innovative web-based platform streamlines the ordering process, eliminating the need for paper orders and providing schools with a cost-effective alternative to traditional cafeterias.

At Lux Catering, we elevate every event with exceptional dining experiences, creating unforgettable moments and flavors that linger in memory. With a dedication to perfection and culinary excellence, we offer a diverse range of catering services tailored to meet the unique needs of schools, weddings, corporate events, and special functions. Join us in celebrating the art of exceptional dining at Lux Catering.

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Welcome to Lux Catering – Where Wholesome Delights Meet Catering Excellence!

Established in 2013 in the Twin Cities by a visionary group of chefs, Lux Catering emerged with a mission to revolutionize children's nutrition through fresh, scratch-made meals. Inspired by the belief in the transformative power of wholesome food, Lux Catering embarked on a journey to redefine the culinary landscape for our students, the leaders of tomorrow.


Driven by a commitment to excellence, Lux Catering crafts each meal from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients to ensure maximum nutritional value and flavor. What began as a quest to reimagine daily lunches for children has blossomed into a thriving catering restaurant, specializing in nourishing food programs for after-school activities, childcare centers, educational institutions, weddings, and events.


At Lux Catering, we believe that every meal is an opportunity to nourish both body and mind. With a dedication to culinary innovation and a passion for promoting healthy eating habits, we continue to shape the future of children's nutrition, one delicious dish at a time. Join us on our mission to inspire a generation of young food enthusiasts and ignite a love for wholesome, fresh fare.




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    Wholesome and Nutritious Meals
    At Lux Catering, we prioritize the health and well-being of the students we serve. Our dedicated team prepares quality food using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible.
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    Innovative Web-based Solution
    Lux Catering offers schools, childcare centers, afterschool centers, and non-profits an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional cafeterias. Our user-friendly web-based solution eliminates the need for staff or volunteers to collect paper orders, streamlining the ordering process.
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